Everyone has dreams of traveling, to fly off into an unknown destination and discover all the wonderful and beautiful sights, smells and experiences that the world has to offer. Check out the Top 100 Travel Blogs. The price of traveling has dropped a lot over the years, and with all of the different promo fairs and discounts that airlines may offer, all you really need to travel is a bit of money and your passport.

For those who wish to travel, one of the first things you must ask yourself is where you want to travel to. Going online will help you a lot in making this decision, especially with the numerous travel blogs and travel sites on the web nowadays that advertise all the wonderful places around the world from different points of view.

Though each and every country and continent has various beautiful things to offer to travelers, there will always be stand outs that millions of people wish to see and travel to during their lifetime. An example of such a landmark is of course the Eiffel Tower, which can be found in the city of love, Paris, France, which thousands and thousands of people travel to see every year. Read the Top Travel Blogs here. Other people travel in order to see the different World Wonders, such as the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Stonehenge in England, the Great Wall of China, the rice terraces in the Philippines, the Grand Canyon in the United States, the Taj Mahal in India and the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy.

People nowadays want to do more than just sight-seeing while traveling, and many tourists gave taken to flying out to different destinations in the hope of tasting the wonderful flavors that the country has to offer. Flying to Mexico for example, will give you a taste of the best tacos, tamales and moles you have ever tasted, while Thailand offers you delicious Massaman curry, Som tam and Tom yan kung. If you wish to give your taste buds a new experience, then fly out to try the delicious gyros and lachanorizo in Greece,  penoy  and ballot in the Philippines, tempura or adventurous fugu in Japan, churros from Spain, dosa and chai from India or the escargot from France.

No matter where you travel to, always be up for the adventure that these new and unknown places can offer. A great Travel Blog is available through the link. Things you should always bring along while traveling is extra money, your ATM card or credit card, an umbrella or rain coat, sun glasses, sun screen, aspirins and all of your medication, band aids, your cellphone charger and of course, you camera, to capture each beautiful moment traveling will bring you.